UNIKON - Descripción del sistema

En lugar de la anilla de goma la paloma recibe una anilla con un microchip. La paloma puede llevar esta anilla permanente. En las carreras la anilla se programa con todos los datos importantes. Segun el reglamento la anilla se puede programar cada vez.
Cuando la paloma llega al palomar, no hay que capturarla ni quitar la anilla de goma. Se suprime la comprobación manual. Esto significa que la paloma llega a casa sin miedo a ser atrapada. Asi usted no tiene que esperar que la paloma llega del techo al palomar. Una antena instalada en la entrada del palomar captura todos los datos de la anilla electronica. El reloj de carreras muestra y guarda los datos. El Club puede leer los datos e imprimir un protocolo.

About deister electronic

deister electronic is recognized as a leading RFID company bringing innovative solutions to a diverse range of markets worldwide. The headquarters are located in Barsinghausen, close to Hannover, the city renowned for having the largest exhibition complex in the world.

deister has been developing identification solutions for over 30 years. Our sales activities are divided into two core areas, the markets covering 'Security & Safety' and the industrial markets of 'Ident & Automation'.

The company employs over 200 staff worldwide. We design, develop and manufacture products that provide solutions, taking advantage of the latest RFID technology to respond rapidly to the needs of the market. We supply products to OEM-manufacturers, system integrators and, depending on the product range, to industrial end users.

By continuous alignment between market, development and production we ensure fast and flexible solutions for the growing demand of our customers.

Worldwide distribution and service centres provide personal technical support and local order processing.